Default Android 4.4.2 gps dosn't work

Hi i have installed:
[ROM][4.4.2][CM11 Nightlies][24TH FEB] SmartDroid AOSP V6.1.3 b42 [AROMA][f2fs][Speed][OTA] [Linaro 4.8.2]
the rom is perfectly but gps dosn't work infact if i open gps status It not detect any satellite, I have install google maps but it don't detects my location and sygic don't detects any satellite. To active gps i go to setting-->geolocation and i siwtch button geolocation right?I have do wipe cache and dalvik but the problem remain What i can do?I don't want again reflash this rom because i have already install all app and date.......What can i do to solve my problem without reflash rom again?