Default S3 probably hard bricked - unaccesable

Hello guys, I've been around a while at XDA just haven't bouned myself yet within the community.
I usually get my problems sorted out but I recently occured an error that I just can't get out neither how it happend
All of the sudden my Rooted Samsung Galaxy S3 with Android 4.4 ROM crashed and isn't able to boot up anymore he is stuck at the samsung logo and won't resume to the bootloop, I can't bootup into download modus nor recovery modus. I am clueless, I got no idea how this happend all of the sudden and I have no idea how to get rid off it. If any smart guy could help me out that would be great. when i put in my charging cable the led wont lit up neither. It does charge thou.

PS: I have no idea in what category I should post this thread since I am new

Thanx in advance