Default s3 sound record

hello there

before my new s3, I owned an i9000, it had a slow cpu but the microphone recorder was great. nice and clear, no complaints.

the s3 on the other hand sounds like a cheap dictaphone with codec artefacts, hiss and dynamic compression, not good.

has anyone found a fix to bypass all this processing so we can record directly into a HQ wav recorder untouched? ? if not, I need to sell my new S3 and buy an i9000 again, as i need it for sound recording interviews, things like that, with a password protect, the i9000 was perfect for this, but very slow cpu. I hear the s4 and s2 are not great either for sound recording compared to the s1.

just found that the s3 has a Wolfson WM1811 the s1 has a Wolfson WM8994E. maybe this is the issue for the input quality?

thanks for help : )