Default [Q] Can I safely downgrade from CM 11?

Hello, I have an S3 LTE version, I'm currently running CM KitKat, but the bugs (mainly the camera) annoy me very much. I wish to downgrade to some stock based 4.1.2 CF, TGP or something, but I fear that it will format allof my data, because I have heard that KitKat started partitioning the drives differently. Is it safe? The camera on CM 11 freezes randomly thus making it unusable for me. I've read the FAQ and this is disturbing:

How can I return to a 4.3 ROM from 4.4 ROM?
Flash a 4.2 Kernel (or lower for lower versions) and use the CWM Recovery to do the Full wipes, flash the 4.3 ROM you want and reboot.

Do I need to do anything else than installing the ROM if it's got the AROMA Installer?