Default Samsung 32GB Micro SDXC Card fraud?

Hey guys,

so I bought this Samsung Micro SDHC Card which has a storage of 32 GB from this link:

It clearly states that it's a Micro SDHC Card and when it arrived I was surprised to see that it's a 32Gb Micro SDXC (I thought that SDXC only made sense with 64Gb of memory).

However, I plugged it in my S3 and it worked from the start but then I started to transfer files to it (about 12 gb) from my old Micro SD Card. The speed was ridiculously low, at about 1 MB/s and sometimes even lower. And I was copying big files like videos and also MP3`s where the speed is usually about 10MB/s with my old MicroSDHC Card Class 10. I tried to format it but it wouldn't help.

So then I started to do some research and I couldn't find even 1 picture of the card using Google (Samsung Micro SDXC 32GB UHS I Card), so I'm beginning to think that it's maybe a fraud?

Have you guys seen a card like this or maybe someone even owns one? Would be interesting to know.

Anyhow, I'm gonna write to the seller that I want a new one, since this one is clearly not working as it should.
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