Unhappy [Q] screen wanted please

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask folks and if not I apologise in advance.

I am after a replacement LCD for my SGS 3. Unfortunately my new puppy bit my phone and cracked the front glass. So I bought a new glass and as I was trying to get the broken one off the puppy jumped up at me to play....knocking my arm and straight into the LCD. I have stripped the phone down completely and scraped the old screen off but I need a new / second hand one if anyone has one they will sell me or knows where to get one from.

I dont or to be honest cant afford to spend a lot of money as due to disability I am not working at the moment. I have some important files on my phone that I need to get off but im not sure if the motherboard has been damaged...when the phone is plugged into the PC all I see is a red light constantly

If anyone can help me I would be extremely gratefull
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