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Might be a little late here, but still - Google Keep has web access from any browser, try keep.google.com. Cheers.
Accessing it from there has the same exact interface as the Keep Chrome Application. Thanks for the suggestion though

I still wasn't able to find the time to test out the free version of OneNote. Been a bit busy today. I suppose I could take a note that I should test OneNote in Google Keep which I'm currently using

I'll make a short review once I'm done doing just that.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Edit - It seems I haven't found the time to review OneNote. In addition, Keep serves me very well. The only real caveat I have with it is the inability to reorder my notes.

Edit 2- It seems my brain is tired and after a week with no suggestions from other users, I've finally figured out how to move notes around.

One simply needs to click and drag the notes around. < How I didn't figure this one out seems baffling to me. I need to exercise my brain more :'(
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