Post [Q] Swipe spacebar to change language on AOSP (KitKat)

I recently changed from my Samsung stock rom to CM11. Everything went fine except the change language button on the AOSP keyboard, I was wondering if there is an option on the settings that makes the spacebar change the language. I mean to change the language like the Samsung keyboard did instead of the globe button.

Pls help! Thanks for any replies!

For anyone wondering:
Device: Galaxy s3 Int
ROM name: CM11
ROM version and base: 11-20140405-SNAPSHOT-M5-i9300
Build number: cm_i9300-userdebug 4.4.2 KVT49L fdc08c9dbe test-keys
kernel version and its settings: 3.0.64-CM-gc538f74 build02@cyanogenmod #1