Default [Q] Strange Audio Problem

So I've had this phone now for about a year and everything has been fine. I rooted and installed Omnirom 4.4 about a month after getting it and then switched to SlimKat. I'm on 4.4.2 right now and I've just recently encountered a problem with the music audio. It seems to be distorting the vocals and the bass, but the piano/backing instruments seem fine. If I go into settings and turn it to mono it works fine in the right ear. This is strange because my Turtle Beach PX22 headset comes off its inline amp and can be used on its own 3.5mm AUX input/output. It doesnt work like that however. It works with the inline amp plugged in with a computer USB powering it, but not on its own. Normal headphones do not work properly either, they all suffer the same problem as I explained. Speakers, however, work fine. Anything with a large output (such as AUX in car stereo etc) works fine. Full stereo sound, no distortion on anything. But headphones are a big no-no. Any ideas? I recently installed Boeffla for 4.4 and that might have something to do with it. I have reflashed SlimKat and its update recently. I've also reflashed Boeffla. Any ideas anyone?