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Best top wallpapers from all the premium phones and ROMS in the market right now!!
-Sony xperia z1/IOS 7/moto g/moto x/LG G2/Note 3/Nexus 5,7/HTC ONE
-Cyanogen mod/Paranoid android / MIUI V5
-Best top android kitkat 4.4 stock phone wallpaper app!

We have over a 100 wallpapers from the best android phones in the market right now!
CyanoGen Mod wallpapers
Moto G wallpapers
4.4 Kitkat Nexus!
iphone 5S 5C wallpapers
Note 3 FULL HD wallpaper now available!!!
NOTE 3 HD wallpaper added!
LG G2 Wallpapers added!
Moto X phone wallpapers added!
4.4 Android Kitkat Wallpaper app,also including LG G2 Moto X, Samsung s4 wallpaper, HTC one Wallpaper, and iOS 6 and & 7 wallpaper,LG wallpaper, Xperia Z wallpaper
This app is a simple wallpaper phone app having following wallpapers
Note 3 Lock Screen
Moto X wallpapers
4.4 android kitkat wallpapers
Samsung Galaxy S4 wallpapers
HTC One wallpapers
iOS 6 and 7 wallpapers
Xperia Z wallpapers
LG Optimus wallpapers

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