Default Can't use NTFS hdd after update to stock 4.3

Everything was fine when I was on the stoick version of 4.1.2. on my rooted I9305. I could connect my 1tb Toshiba hdd via paragons Paragon's NTFS app with no problems what so ever. Since I updated Android to 4.3 using the OFFICIAL ROM - DBT_i9305XXUEMKC via Odin, I cannot mount the drive.

The app recognizes the drive, shows the capacity but will not allow me to mount it. I tried the app's inbuilt problem solving tool and that showed that everything is fine with the drive.

I need to take this with me traveling in a week or so and formatting to FAT32 is very much a last resort - the drive has 900gb's on it!

Any suggestions? I've emailed the dev's and gone through the app's "report an issue" also.