For ca. 3 weeks i have problems with battery. At first battery was draining like crazy, I got 1 hour screen time with 30% brightness and on WiFi listening podcasts. Then I noticed that battery takes longer to charge 1 hour longer. I turned even airplane mode to speed up charging and didn't used phone at all when charging. It helped for short time. I noticed then that battery percentage jumping 50-20-35. I though I need to calibrate battery percentage, I drained battery down to "0%" till shut off phone several times. Then recharged, it helped for 2 weeks.
Now I noticed that my battery doesn't charge at all when using it to write SMS or listening music and charging at the same time. When I turn airplane mode on and dont use phone it's charging but very slowly 40% in 5 hours. It's not normal! Cell signal is good, max strength 24h. Can anyone help me with battery? My phone is S4 Active I9295 with stock official 4.4.2 without root or new apps installed recently. I using original wall charger and cable.