Default Data service issues.

I've done a search of the forum and haven't seen my exact issue here. Just picked this phone up to replace my HTC. It's the ATT version if that helps. I updated last night to 4.4 NE3, then performed towelroot.

I was on wifi last night and didn't notice, but today I noticed that my data service completely drops when my screen goes off. When I wake the phone, sometimes data starts immediately, and other times it takes a minute or two for data to start up.

Is this a known issue with some kind of power saver? I turned off power saving mode and no change.

I did find this thread, for the Baseband & IEMI fix, but I'm not sure if that is the same issue.

Anyone else experience this? I was about to odin back to stock and start again but thought I would ask first.

ROM: Who knows?