Default [Q] Can't access RNDIS + DM + MODEM. Codes don't work.

I am an owner of an unlocked I337M with Koodo. I have a custom rom, GPE 4.4.4 which is also rooted. In order to use Wind or Mobilicity (AWS , 1700), I must enable this function through various guides I've followed; however, I can not access this "Hidden Menu" for the USB Settings.

The only code which works is *#06# which shows my IME.

I have also turned ON the "Hidden Menu" script within the system using FX browser.

*#7284# - *#0808# - *#9090# and every other ones I have entered do not work. There are no menus popping up.

Is this because of my custom firmware? Are there newer codes for Android 4.4.4?