Default [Q] no Bluetooth sound during calls 4.4.2 stock rooted

I have stock 4.4.2 safe strap root. I have really been doing some research and seem to be a problem for a lot of people. Regarding the Bluetooth device, my 06 land rover, the results are the same, once connected to phone call, all the phone volume is turned off, I can normally get one conversation in, but, if I try to make or receive again, no sound.
I can make and receive Phone calls but have no sound come through Bluetooth. You have to physically reboot the phone to reinstate the volume on device not just the Bluetooth, but the funny thing is that I hear the phone rings but when it’s picked up on the other end the sound goes out. I tried flashing the factory ROM, but it keeps coming back.
I have had my GS4 for over a year and have never had an issue. PLEASE HELP!!!
i have attached the Logcat
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