Default No tethering & portable hotspot menu on i337z

Hi Folks,

I have an bootloader locked/rooted/stock Cricket/AIO (AT&T) S4 i337z with 4.4.2 TUUBNE2, and it doesn't have a menu option for enabling tethering. Most of the guides out there are geared to bypassing the carrier check, but that's not my issue, I simply don't have a menu option to configure tethering at all. I've tried everything I could find to enabled it, but it seems the menu/feature is turned off or removed somehow. Any gurus out there know what controls visibility of this menu, and/or have any ideas on how I can get it to show up?

PS. I have not been able to get Safestrap to boot another rom successfully so at least for the time being that's not an option. Also, I know there are 3rd party methods (apps) for enabling hotspot, but I'd really like to stick with the native one if possible.

Thank you!
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