Default Unable to restore a backup on Safestrap 3.72

I flashed Hyperdrive 18 on my ATT I9505, but the Rom had some issues so I decided to go back. I went into SS , did full wipe, then did restore. The restore was very quick, but it said restore completed successfully. It was then stuck on Samsung Galaxy S4, I had to ODIN back to stock. Anyone aware of this issue? Thanks in advance.
Current phone: Samsung Galaxy S4 I337 ATT USA
Retired phones:
Sony Xperia Z C6606 (Sold)
LG Optimus G (Returned)
T-Mobile G2x (Crushed)
Nokia N900 (Could not repair charger port)
iPhone 3G (Toilet)
T-Mobile G1 (Purchased during initial release)
Motorola V300 (Gone)