Phone [Q] f4ktion kernel issues

Sorry for a new thread here, I can't post to the relevant thread yet.

The latest NIGHTLIES for CM 11, and the latest f4ktion kernel, don't play nicely together.

The specific issue is that the data connection doesn't complete. I've filed a bug on JIRA [1] concerning this, since I thought it might be a regression.

The kernel from the latest SNAPSHOT (04-08-2014 AKA 20140804) works with the latest NIGHTLIES. I haven't looked at the specifics of why, but it's probably a missing/not loading kernel module, or different symbols.

According to the assignee, there were many changes between the last SNAPSHOT, and the NIGHTLIES after it.

I'll just add that I love this kernel, and I hope that you continue to work on this. Thanks.

[1] https: [slash] [slash]