Default [Q] Does Your Galaxy S4 Hiss?

Hello everyone. Today I revisited my galaxy s4 from my g2. I was listening to music and there was some noticeable hiss.
It was very apparent in low volumes and I was wondering if anybody else has this problem. For example, play a quiet song on the 1 notch for volume on some earbuds. Listen and tell me if you have hissing.
If you do.
I found a fix.
First. Try listening for the hiss on the 1st volume notch.
If you have it.
Go into the stock music player. Press the menu button and click settings.
in the settings menu. Click adapt sound and turn it off.
that should fix any problems.
That worked for me.
But. That was on my original s4.
I got a refurb from assurion because my original was destroyed.
Now I have a hiss no matter what. Even with adapt sound off. It was never on in the first place.
So, guys, tell me, does your s4 hiss???
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