Default [Q] S Health stopped working after restore from Titanium Backup

So, I backed up and then removed S Health and Sensor Service a while back with Titanium Backup. I bought a Gear 2 and I have decided that I want to actually setup and use it. I did a restore in Titanium Backup but now I get a window saying S Health and/or Sensor Service has stopped working. I tried deleting the cache and data, restoring data and app back, uninstalling and reinstalling, etc. Nothing is working. I have not updated or changed anything since my backup, so a different Android version/backup conflict is not the problem as stated in other threads. What could I have done? How can this be fixed? I've looked everywhere and read all the other threads regarding both Titanium Backup and S Health and still can not figure out what to do. Links to stock software in older threads are all broken. I have an SPH-L720, Android 4.4.2, S Health, Sensor Service 2.33.