Thumbs up [Q] [SOLVED] WiFi broken after NG2 update on SPH-L720

So the short version is... my wifi broke. If you desire to know the back story, see this resolved question.

After the above problem, I once again wiped /system /data and /cache with philz touch recovery, and this time flashed the stock ng2 rom directly with ODIN...

Still my wifi is broken - but only when using stock roms. When using a custom ROM like Super S4 or CyanogenMod, Wifi Works. has any one found or developed a fix?

==================== **** EDIT ***** PROBLEM SOLVED ***** **** ==============================

I flashed NG2 with ODIN and then waited for it to power on, and then powered off and booted download mode.
I then flashed it a second time with the same Stock NG2 software via ODIN.

I don't know how, but it fixed the problem. Now both the build number and baseband both reflect NG2, and wifi works!!!!