Default [Q] Overheating problems after rom install

This is my first time posting in this, so please excuse me if I put this topic in the wrong place or anything.

Recently I have installed a Cyanogen rom to my phone, upgrading it to 4.4.4 kitkat. Wel, everything went well. Though, recently it has been getting really hot. I mean, before I installed the rom, I was on 4.2.2 and I never had a problem like this. I mainly use my phone for games and my phone has never gotten hot to where the screen is really hot.

I bought a new battery, didn't work. Calibrated it, didn't work. Tried a fresh install, again did not work.
I tried going back to 4.2.2 but no rom that I find works, only one to work is 4.4.2 and it still over heats.

Any advice?