Default Info on apk "Secure Wireless" on S4

I have an S4 rooted and running stock 4.4.2.

I had, initially installed foxfi for tethering, but have since uninstalled it and am now using hotspot.

I have a apk called "Secure Wireless ver 1.1.1" on the phone that I do not know what it is or where it came from.
It appears to be a vpn type apk and shows only .1gb usage.

My question is does anyone know what this apk is for....I googled and play stored and the closest I could find was a Cisco link but it does not indicate it is a program used by kitkat, verizon, or even foxfi.

Does anyone know more about this...can I just delete it used for something or just a remnant from foxfi.

I think I found more info....the company is "Disconnect Inc" product Secure Wireless for android.

I'm not sure If I downloaded this by mistake or if it was on the phone stock, or if it was part of foxfi.