Default S4 S View Case India Bangalore

Dear All,
I am having this New Boxed Original Samsung S View Case with me one of each Black & White Color. Please let me know if anybody from India is willing to buy , I can offer 50% discount on MRP (2399/- INR). Please do not post a reply, just PM me. I can try to ship it anywhere in India if required.

Reason for this Thread :-
  • I am sorry to moderators & others fellow members if they found this thread outside the XDA policy. But I have no intention to do it.
  • I am a galaxy Note user , I have asked my friend to get unlocked S4 from US for me however at last moment his trip got extended & I ended up buying the xiaomi Mi3 in India last week.
  • Now this cases are no use to me.
  • I cannot sell on Swappa as it is not available in India. Also I am more inclined to give it to forum members rather than giving it to somebody stranger on public selling forum.