Default [Q] CM11

Hi !

I will buy a Galaxy S4 and i always install the CyanogenMod on my phones. I have some questions about the CM11, if you can answer..........

Sorry for my bad english

Well.... looks like the S4 have two CM11 (Official and Unofficial) so this questions is for cm11 official and unofficial.

1. How about battery live ?
2. Can i sweet the musics pressing the Volume buttons when the screen is locked ?
3. How about performance ? (Games, videos, multi task)
4. Is CM11 Official better than CM11 Unofficial ? Or is CM11 unofficial better than cm11 official ?
5. Is CM11 better than stock ? ( Why i ask it ? ) '-'
6. Can i use the S Health and (or) Smart Watch in the CM11 ? (Unofficial or Official)