Default MMS "No apps can perform this action."

I just re flashed my phone and installed Hyperdrive KitKat... I didn't like the Galaxy S2 style gallery app mostly because it constantly bugs you to give it permission to upload everything to Picasa. I prefer the functionality of QuickPic over it anyway so I just removed the app and installed QuickPic. I've done this before on pretty much every Android version without a hitch... until now. It won't let me select a default app for mms images (and probably not videos either but I haven't tested that) I have tried Resetting App Preferences in settings and I receive the same message. I used a file manager to open various images and set the default app to QP for almost every format (including jpg which is what mms uses iirc) but it still says "No apps can perform this action."
What can I try to fix this?