Default MMS Settings

Now with the Cricket's SCH-R970C MMS Touchwiz.

I wanted to find the MMS settings to use on CM/Other AOSP roms.

But this is what I got from logcat

### loadDeviceMmsSettings from API: mUserAgent=SAM_R970C, mUaProfUrl=
tag: int value: maxMessageSize - 614400
tag: int value: maxImageHeight - 1944
tag: int value: maxImageWidth - 2592
tag: string value: userAgent - Nexus5
tag: string value: uaProfUrl -
### loadMmsSettings: mUserAgent=SAM_R970C, mUaProfUrl=
Using a PC, I can't get anything back from the xml URL. Using the phone, I can get back only the following.

parameter location was not included in the GET request
I didn't know if this needed to be in Q/A or Dev section.

But can anyone help with getting the sam_r970c.xml?