Default SGH-i337 wont boot after encryption.

I finally got my SGH-i337 flashed with a AOSP GPE 4.4.4 ROM. I finished setting everything up. I'm rooted, running safestrap recovery, got all my apps installed and themes set. I decided it was time to encrypt. Went through the default method in settings. Settings > security > encrypt. Set my pin and started the process. I went to sleep while the phone did it's thing. It said it was going to take a couple hours. I wake up and it has stopped on the boot screen.
Usually when I boot the phone it has four swirling balls that come together and form 'android'. Then 'android' flickers for a couple seconds and throws me into the lock screen. Now the 'android' just continues to flicker and hasn't changed for over an hour. So it was time to consult the forums.

Don't know if this is relevant, but whenever I hold the power button to turn it off while it is stuck I get two quick vibrates then it turns off.

If I enter safestrap, I am prompted for a password. I enter the PIN I set before encryption and it tells me "Password Failed, Please Try Again."
Everything I try to do in safestrap ends with:
"E:Unable to mount '/datamedia'
"E:Unable to mount '/ss'
"E:Unable to mount internal storage"

I used Joe-Tech's guide to flashing GPE 4.4.4 on samsung galaxy s4 from at&t. Can't link it, just made this account.