Default i9505 - Won't boot


- Tried about 4 different stock ROMs. Non of them boot after being flashed. The Recovery Booting text remains.
- Only PhilzTouch boots. No other recovery work. Stock recovery included
- Flashed ROM doesn't boot either. AOSP and TouchWiz.
- SYSTEM STATUS remains Official regardless of the ROM flashed.


Hi, I just brought a bricked S4 off Gumtree(Australian Craiglist), and I'm trying to unbrick it. However:

- Stock ROM won't boot. I've flashed it like 10 times now. It'd reboot, say Recovery Booting (in blue text), then freeze there

- Recovery won't boot. I've tried PhilzTouch, TWRP and CWM. What did work was repartitioning it with the Pit and flashing only the recovery. However, installing any custom ROM will leave it in a boot loop (Splash - Kernel is not SEANDROID enforcing - Set warranty bit - kernel - Vibrate - Reboot - Repeat).

Could someone give me a hand? I've read pretty much every thread that's got to do with bootloop, and tried just about everything
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