Question [Q] (HELP) c build.

Hi Devs,

I have build a rom AOKP and Cynogen for my testing purpose, but facing an issue while booting.

I have used following guides :
For CM :
For AOKP :

Can anyone please help me to debug this? this is the first time I am building any ROM.

Thanks in advance for your help.
  • Samsung Galaxy SL i9003
  • Samsung Galaxy i9070

Samsung Galaxy SL i9003 with
-[ROM][JB][4.1.2] Remics-JB - SIII Feel on Jelly Bean! [v3.0]
-[GAPPS]4.2 gapps
-[CM10]4.2 Camera & Gallery V3
-[KERNEL][GPL][Revolution Kernel][JB/CM10][v1.5FIX]

Samsung Galaxy i9070 with
-[ROM][KERNEL][23/11]JetMODô 3.2 HD