Default [Q] Screen Repair - UV Loca Glue Problems

I recently did a screen repair for a Galaxy S4 in which I used a UV Loca Glue between the glass and LCD. For the most part, the repair went great. However, about 2 weeks since I finished, a bubble line/crack is growing under the glass so I'm considering taking the screen off, cleaning the glue, and taking another shot at it.

My question is -
How do you soften and prep the phone for separating the glass and LCD that are glued using aftermarket UV Loca Glue, and not the original manufacturer glue?

As a followup question:
If I succeed at separating the two, what do I use to clean the UV glue residue? I know that rubbing alcohol and screen cleaners don't work on UV glue residue like they do during the first repair. I experienced quite a lot of difficulty when I took off the screen during the first repair, before the glue cured, and tried cleaning the residue.

Thank you!