Default [Q] Best way to edit google contacts csv export?

I have no problem exporting my Google contacts to a CSV file. I do find however when I import the file into Excel 2010, there is some major "overlapping" from line to line. By that I mean, the first column will often be something from the contact in the line above it. And sometimes there are actually blank lines.

How do I go about importing the CSV into Excel 2010 in the most efficient way? Is there a particular method that will make the CSV import so that all fields for a contact are on one line? Any help on this would be much appreciated; I have already looked around for what I really want, which is a bulk contact editor that will let me assign a particular value to multiple selected contacts or groups in my contacts, and haven't found that exact thing yet. This is the next best method I can think of to assign an organization to multiple contacts without having to edit every single contact individually.