Default [Q] Will the build.prop carrier change affect the cell receiver?

I have the stock International unlocked SM-G900F, but I want to change my "model" variant to Verizon, which is basically just editing the two build.prop lines ro.product.device and to kltevzw i believe. My basic goal of this mod is to change the LTE notification icon and the NFC icon, I don't really care about the rest.

Now, my question is, does this in any way change frequencies or anything else that can give me (as a non-verizon user living in Switzerland) worse cell reception?

Firmware: Stock ANG9(XEF)
Rooted: Yes
Recovery: PhilZ recovery v6.26.6
Kernel: Stock
Other info: Xposed with lots of cool modules(credits to the creators )

Love this phone more than all the ones I had before COMBINED. If you're not sure wether to buy this phone or not, I recommend you do.

And remember to have a look at this if you are a noob and/or curious what might be behind this link.