[Q] LatinIME on Samsung Galaxy S5 stock (not rooted)

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By Mr. Fabulous, Junior Member on 17th August 2014, 12:23 PM
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Hello everyone,

Since I bought my S5 I'm very happy with it, except for the Samsung Keyboard. Coming from a HTC where I had CyanogenMod 10.2 and the keyboard which came with it, I miss that particular keyboard a lot. I just need the keyboard to undo its suggestion-correction after I type backspace after I just typed a non-existing word which was corrected by the keyboard.

So what I did, I tried a few keyboards from the Play Store... which could not satisfy me... Then I searched the web and this forum, found the Google Android keyboard, which came very close in fulfilling my needs, but it misses the feature to long-press a character to get the symbols like ? and !. Which I really like...

So I just opened a CM zip and found the LatinIME apk. --> copied it to my phone, installed it just by opening it and for some minutes I was VERY HAPPY!!!! ...Until I found that the gesture typing feature did not gave me any words. The swype-line-thingy is visible when you swype the keyboard, but no words come out.
On the forum I read about this and most likely I miss the decoder now. See the thread "guide-how-to-enable-googles-gesture-t2012628".

But next to the fact that I don't get it completely, it looks like it requires root to replace the existing file in System/Lib. (by the way, is that a folder on my phone, or a folder in the rom you flash on the phone?)

I need to keep the warranty on my S5, so rooting was not part of my plan... yet...

But I just cannot believe I'm the only one having this issue. And yet, there's no thread explaining me how I should do this. So... Could anyone please help me getting the answer?

How to enable the gesture typing decoder on a not-rooted stock rom (4.4.2).

18th August 2014, 01:02 PM |#2  
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A pretty esoteric request. Nevertheless you identified a thread that spells out in detail how to copy the Google gesture decoder to your system. It's pretty straightforward so I don't know what you don't understand. You neglected to describe what part you didn't comprehend.

As the path is in the system directory, you will need root to make the changes. While you also neglected to tell us what S5 model you have, but provided that it isn't an Exynos model i.e. not a 900H, then you can root it without incrementing the Knox flag. Which means that you could revert root with no permanent evidence of having done so if necessary for a warranty claim.

So there seems to be no reason that you couldn't root your phone, install your gesture decoder and preserve your warranty. What appears to remain is that you need to do some reading to understand more about root, Knox and warranties.

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18th August 2014, 04:33 PM |#3  
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Thanks for your response. It's appreciated!!

Okay, maybe I need to explain, I'm still a noob when it comes to rooting phones and Samsung specific knox counter shizzle. I know how to flash a rom on my old HTC, but that's quite it... But I'm willing to learn!!
I already did a search on the forum and found information about the knox counter and towel root and all I need to know to root my device. But to be honest, it scares the sh*t out of me to root my phone, having some kind of unknown (probably very little) risk of braking my expensive device...

My phone is the Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F. Sorry for not mention that in the first place.

Regarding the thread I mentioned. I now do understand the part that whenever I root my phone and replace the .so file in the system/lib folder (on my phone ), it might/should work.
I thought the thread was talking about including the file in the ROM (zip file) you flash (using recovery) whenever you want to "install" that ROM on your phone. I already checked the ROM zip file and saw the so file in the system/lib folder. And since flashing a ROM is not what I'm going to do I thought it wasn't the way to go for me.

Okay, now what I was hoping for:
Is it possible to get (or build??) the LatinIME apk including the correct .so file, in order to install it without the need to root my phone?
Basically like I did with the apk I took from the CM 11 ROM zip file and the google keyboard apk. I just installed those. And the google keyboard has the right decoder in it since the gesture typing works with that one... and I do get the part that the decoder is a google thingy, so it might not be legal to create an apk myself and share it online...? But is building the apk again an option?

And since this keyboard is absolutely brilliant, I figured I wouldn't be the first noob who had this wish... and some other smart guys already build this apk with the right so file in it...

Okay. I hope I cleared up my question a little.
Thank you in advance for the answer!
18th August 2014, 07:38 PM |#4  
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If you don't want to root your phone that's fine. But then you don't get your gesture decoder. So pick one.

There is very little risk from rooting, but no one is going to tell you that it's foolproof or that there is zero risk. You could also have a meteorite land on your head or be hit by a bus when crossing the street. Does that keep you from crossing the street? Or do you accept a minimal risk and go ahead anyway? You have to decide how much risk you are going to accept and proceed from there.

I doubt anyone is going to build a Latin keyboard with a proprietary Google gesture decoder when it's so much simpler to copy the existing library or apk over to the system directory. But you can do an extended search to satisfy your curiosity if you wish. There is always a chance that someone did what you hope for.

Otherwise, you can use towel root and root your phone, et cetera. Or not, as you feel best. Not much else to say on the subject.

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18th August 2014, 07:57 PM |#5  
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.... good point....

So... Time for me to become an "expert" on rooting then!

It's just... when I cross a street, I know that the traffic is not coming from above or behind... just left and right... and before I cross I check those... Rooting my phone using tools feels to me like crossing the street blindfolded, trusting your ears... Most of the time it goes right...

Thanks for your help.
I'll place a post here when I'm done and happy typing with my keyboard. But that will take some time, since I'm pretty busy these days and I definitely need some more reading into this subject...

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