Prompt [Q] Somebody give me SCL23's build.prop(original)

I changed build.prop
My android phone is SCL23
AKA Galaxy S5

I am Korean but now I live in Japan for work.
So I used GalaxyS5 for KDDI AU
Some application didn't work on my phone.
Even impossible to install

So I tried to root. Then changed model and vendor from GalaxyS5 to Galaxy S4
But it didn't work for using those apps
So I copy all of texts of build.prop of GalaxyS4.
Then my phone dead.
AU's logo is the only thing I can see.

Before did that
I had do googling and find SCL23's CWM with Chinese letters.
It works well.
Factory reset? YES
Boot? NO

Can not normal boot
Odin mode

I connected phone to PC.
Fail to install USB driver.
I think it cause of phone's hardware and build.prop is not same.

I have external SDCard.
Odin work via USB
And I can go into CWM recovery mode.

So I think if I can find .zip, able to flash, of SCL23's build.prop
I can copy it into extsdcard with friend's android
Then go into CWM and flash it.

I need SCL23's build prop
And somebody make it .zip please
I don't know how to make it.

Please help me.

And thank you for read this poor English.