Question [Q] WiFi Adapter for TAB 2

Hey All,

I have an external wifi adapter, Atheros AR9271. I have seen someone on YouTube use this wifi adapter with a Samsung Galaxy S2 so I hoped my Tab would recognise it as well. I can't get it to recognise it though, I have linux deploy and in linux if you do lsusb you can see the AR9271 as a USB device but not a wifi adapter, I have also tried it in a powered hub and by butchering a power cable for a more direct approach but still nothing.

Does anyone know how I can make the TAB 2 recognise the AR9271?

This is the first time I have ever rooted an android device or used linux so go easy on me

Also should probably have mentioned, its the 7" Tab 2 P3110 Android 4.2.2