Unhappy [Q] SM-T310 don't recognize on my PC anymore

Hi !

This morning, as usual, I booted my Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 and plugged it on my PC. I was surprised when I saw that windows 7 didn't showed any pop-up. Nothing on the explorer, and no notification USB icon on the notifications bar...

Perplexed, I search about 2 hours (!!!) to find some drivers, but NOTHING did it. I'm very dissapointed because everything worked fine yesterday.

My device is rooted and it's on CyanogenMod 10.2-20131221-UNOFFICIAL-lt01wifi.

I think about restore my old backup of the stock ROM and hope that the drivers will be automatically installed (like all my other devices). Do you think I could works ?

I really need to resolve this problem, because I'm losing time on my app developpement...

Any help will be greatly appreciated