Post [LIST] Bloatware that can be safely uninstalled/deleted (42+ apps)

Hello guys!

So I've just got my tab pro 8.4 wifi. Being a previous owner of Nexus devices, the first thing that I'm about to do is delete all the Samsung crap (I do, however, want to keep the rom as it is - rooted with towelroot, KNOX still intact).
However, after searching/reading through this forum, I was unable to find a list of all the apps that can be safely (no reboots, FCs, other issues) deleted or uninstalled (using Titanium Backup). Please share your experience, suggestions, I will try to keep the list updated!

1. Cisco WebEx Meetings
2. e-Meeting
3. ELM Agent
4. Gear Manager
5. Google Play Books
6. Google Play Games
7. Google Play Movies
8. Google Play Music
9. Google Play Newsstand
10. Hangouts
11. Help
12. Remote PC
13. S Finder
14. SideSync
15. SideSyncPlayer
16. SideSyncSource
17. Hancome Office *everything*
18. Google TTS
19. (Google) Talkback
20. Samsung Push Service (unless you're really keen on receiving notifications from Samsung apps - ChatOn, ...or getting superpowers - see PlayStore reviews)
21. GALAXY Apps
22. Samsung Account
23. Samsung Billing
24. Samsung In-App Purchases
25. ANT HAL Service
26. ANT Radio Service
27. ANT+ Plugins
28. Google Search (haven't used it a single time on any of my devices)
29. Google Search 1.0 (the corresponding widget)
30. Internet (built-in web browser from Samsung)
31. AllShare Cast Dongle
32. Samsung Print Service
33. SmartcardManager
34. SmartcardService
35. Unified Daemon (updates weather/stocks widgets)
36. Weather and Briefing (removes the widget)
37. Dropbox
38. DropboxOOBE
39. S Voice
40. Memo
41. S Planner
42. World Clock