Tablet [GUIDE] Loadable mDNIe color profiles

I hope I've brought something useful here.
I figured out how to load mDNIe color profiles from sdcard.

So this I found out so far:

1. profiles MUST be placed in /sdcard/mdnie folder;

2. profile is a text file and can be edited with any text editor;

2. file name is irrelevant ;

3. you have to edit two titles inside profile file to correspond to profile, you're going to override, eg. you're using AMOLED cinema mode. It's internal name is DYNAMIC_UI, so titles inside profile should be DYNAMIC_UI_1 for longer array and DYNAMIC_UI_2 for shorter one.
The whole list of model with corresponding internal names:
AMOLED cinema mode - DYNAMIC_UI;

4. first lines (bytes) of arrays are special marks (0xEC and 0xEB) and should not be touched;

5. to enable profile you have to write into /sys/devices/platform/s5p-mipi-dsim.1/lcd/panel/mdnie/tuning:
echo 1 > /sys/devices/platform/s5p-mipi-dsim.1/lcd/panel/mdnie/tuning
echo "profile file name without path and spaces" > /sys/devices/platform/s5p-mipi-dsim.1/lcd/panel/mdnie/tuning

6. PROFILE WILL RESET AFTER SCREEN OFF/ON CYCLE. For now I'm using Tasker to refresh it on screen on event. Maybe later we'll figure out some more elegant way;

That's it by now. Not much to say about profile structure, there are comments from kernel source, but not too much descriptive (attached here).
I'd extracted and formated properly some major profiles. Attaching them here. Now we need to play allot with them to find out what each byte is doing exactly.
All profiles attached here have matching line numbers. I suggest to keep this pattern, so it will allow us to refer particular byte by line number while discussing here.
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