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[Dev Info] [Deathly Kernel] [AOSP] [Lollipop 5.1.1]

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This op is a WIP i just wanted to get something up before i leave for a week

This thread will be about changes i have made to the device trees for the t700,t705,t800,t805 which should in the long run make maintaining the variants a lot easier the primary changes i have done are combine all 4 of the variants into 1 kernel source as well as make a common device tree so they can inherit everything that is the same across devices.

Kernel Changes:

The Base kernel from Cyanogenmod supports klimtwifi (T700) and klimtlte (T705) to add support for chagallwifi (T800) all that is needed is to add its defconfig which is this file

To add support for the Chagallte (T805) it was a little more complicated for to do but very simple for you guys for a little background T805 is exactly the same chipset as the other Galaxy Tab S's except for whatever reason Samsung decided to put a different gpu (Midgard_wk04) everyone else uses a mali_t6xx.

The stuff developers actually need to support Chagalllte are the following:


The GPU addition commit:

Bam that was easy now any kernel can support all 4 main variants of the Tab S

Device tree and vendor repos

First part i want to place links to all of the stuff that's needed to make a rom for each device in one place.
(Disclaimer the trees will be LiquidSmooth but it is very easy to convert them to any rom)

Klimtwifi (T700):

Klimtlte (T705)

Chagallwifi (T800)

Chagalllte (T805)

WIP Common Device Tree:

When bringing up support for LiquidSmooth for these devices i noticed that they are all pretty much copied each other (which makes sense) but because of it there was tons of duplicated code between the devices so i decided to make a common device tree so any future code changes could be placed in one place instead of over 4 device trees. This is still a WIP because i do not have all the devices so i can not test them all in my eyes they should all work fine. The common device tree will also hopefully will be rom independent so no changes would be needed on a per rom basis. I can for sure say klimtwifi and chagallwifi work with my common tree, Chagalllte and klimtlte need to be tested still.

Common Device tree repo:

Common device tree migration commits





One more improvement that myself and @diegocr made was finally made a pernament fix to Chagallwifi's (T800) wifi issue he made a custom release tool in the device tree to make it so you would not have to manually patch it every time. I then took that and fixed the root of the issue which was that the vendor repo was not putting the files in the right spot. (My orig commit also did egl but that was not needed) the commit that did it is this:

Now into the features of my Deathly kernel

XDA:DevDB Information
[Dev Info] [Deathly Kernel] [AOSP] [Lollipop 5.1.1], Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Kernel Special Features:

Version Information
Status: Testing

Created 2015-06-22
Last Updated 2015-06-21
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22nd June 2015, 01:11 AM |#2  
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Deathly Kernel

I have had a deathly kernel on most devices i own the goal of it is to get as many options and features into a kernel but still be stable. For the Tab S i took the aosp cm base and have updated it against from 3.4.105 too 3.4.108 along with pull in a bunch of features from other exynos 5420 devices

As you read above i have made a common tree which changes the ramdisk so i have to provide two zips one with the new format one with old format currently the only rom that i personally have built with the new version is the latest klimtwifi and chagawifi all other roms will boot loop with it so use the old version

Currently i only have flashable for Klimtwifi (T700) i will generate the others once i get back from my trip.

New Ramdisk option:

Old Ramdisk option:

Features of the Deathly kernel:

Will support all 4 main tab s devices (will add support for the US carrier variants if aosp is brought up)
CPU Voltage Control
CPU OverClock/UnderClock
GPU Voltage Control
GPU OverClock/UnderClock
MIF/INT Voltage Control (I will not show how to configure this if you know how too then you can)
Wolfson Sound Control Thanks to oloendithas for fixing it for stereo out
UKSM instead of KSM
Added the following IO Schedulers: fifo, fiops, sioplus, tripndroid, vr, zen, bfq (Default)
Full f2fs support updated off the mainline (Stock cm kernel has limited support)
Modified Thermal Throttling temperatures for all devices so hopefully they won't get as hot (WIP)
Android Logger disabled by default can be enabled over sysfs
Exynos thermal exposed to sysfs
WQ power efficient workqueues (Still need to apply in more places)
Frandom Support
Readahead bumped to 256 from 128
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22nd June 2015, 01:11 AM |#3  
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Details how to configure all of the features i will add the rest once i come back

GPU Configuration:
To configure the max or min gpu frequency you would go to either of the following files in a root enabled file browser and change the value inside

The allowed values for the files are as followed:
667, 600, 533, 480, 420, 350, 266, 177, 100

T800 owners the default min gpu freq is 100 on all roms if that causes issues raise the min freq to 266 you will probably not notice a battery decreases if that still does not work let me know i'll take a look at the code.
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23rd June 2015, 12:13 AM |#6  
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Thanks, working great on CM12.
23rd June 2015, 03:10 AM |#7  
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Thank you man.. Im glad someone finely separated the device tree... And specially Happy about a new kernel that I can use in my Project Roms.
With all Credits going to you of course.. thanks again.
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23rd June 2015, 03:55 AM |#8  
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Hey mate, thanks for this!
I'm a little unsure about the new and old ramdisk thingy.
Running aicp on my klmitwifi, new ramdisk is cool?
Will try anyway, but let me know please!

Edit :
just checked, didn't stupidly before, Looks like the kernel is baked in your AICP rom.
Thanks again for your hard work!

Edit edit:
tried the v02 on the rom mentioned, had to revert cause I was having many ui fc.
Used new ramdisk version, could be that or I should have done a clean flash maybe?
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23rd June 2015, 12:12 PM |#9  
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Thanks for this, hopefully if fixes the lag issue for me on CM12 with the T800.
24th June 2015, 02:10 AM |#10  
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Thanks for all the hard work, grid .1 and .2 both worked perfect on bliss rom
24th June 2015, 09:02 PM |#11  
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Thanks, I will use your kernel on my chagallwifi SlimLP builds

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