Default [Q] CyanogenMod Battery Not Charging

I'm currently using nightly build of cyanogen mod called: cm-10-20131006-NIGHTLY-p1c

The samsung galaxy tab works fine with it, it's just the battery won't charge. When I power off the device and plug in the cable, it shows this weird screwed up graphics of the cyanogenmod. It won't really turn off, and when I do get it turned off "enough", I don't think it's charging. How do I get it to charge while I'm running the system?

Also, if anyone wants to offer any other help, my tablet doesn't have a google play store. When I got the mod working, that first start screen never came up asking me for my google account. I went to settings, and under account it said add account. I clicked it and it only gives me options for Email account and Corporate Account.