Default [Guide][Mod] Gradient Style StatusBar for Galaxy Y using Xposed

Intro: Only costly mobiles have this style,but then for there is an guide for that to get Gradient Style StatusBar using tinted module.The credits goes to finder of Xposed and tinted Module. I tired this codes on my own only , i didnt refer any xda threads for i didnt copy,if there is any thread like this then let this be a share

This is the Gradient Style StatusBar
to get this follow the Steps Below

Root your phone. If already rooted well and good

Step 1

Download and Install


Step 2

►Open Xposed give Root Access

►Go to Modules

► ✓ the Tinted Status bar module

►Reboot the device

Step 3

►After Reboot go to Tinted App

►Press the Left soft key and go to Settings

►You will find three options those are the main

Step 4

►Go to Default Status bar text color

►set the hex code as 00000000

Step 5

►Go to Default Status bar icon color

►set the hex code as ffffffff

Step 6

►Go to Default navigation bar tint colour

►set the hex code as 00000000

Step 7

►After doing all the steps ,Reboot device


This style only works in home screen

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