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Getting Tasker to work with the Gear 2

26th September 2014, 07:14 PM   |  #71  
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This is brilliant, thanks so much for posting.

I modified the battery reporting task a bit by setting up 3 profiles in Tasker. One runs the Battery Level APP when battery is at 50%, one for 30% and one for 15%. So now my watch tells me when the battery reaches those levels. Perfect.

I've also managed to turn my "silent for 1 hour" task into an App which can now be called from the watch, together with a "resume volume" task/app.
My existing profiles for setting silent mode for various periods of time, including user defined and when calendar event is busy, have now got a Notify entry in them set at 2 minutes before the phone comes off silent. So I get a warning on the watch when the phone is about to go into normal volume mode, and if a meeting is running late, I can activate an additional silence period from my watch, rather than getting the phone out.

I'm sure i'll think of loads more applications for this setup
30th September 2014, 02:57 AM   |  #72  
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Originally Posted by gdanonym

New Samsung Gear Manager, NO Tasker Notifications anymore...

When creating a new notification from tasker, i don't get it to show up on the watch anymore. And no buzzing also. But when i look in the message center on the watch, it is there.
Also not when i use AutoNotifications plugin.
Also not when i created an App using AppFactory which creates a notification.
These all worked before really nice.

I tried other apps, and these work. Just anything related to tasker not.

The only thing to get it working again, with a work-around, is using the plugin PushBullet. And enabling pushbullet messages in the Gear Manager.

Anyone else has this problem??? Or a solution???

You need to downgrade gear manager. I'm on the older one and it works as intended. I used the new one at first and it's just as you said. I think the push bullet work around should be fine.
30th September 2014, 05:42 AM   |  #73  
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I was wondering if there was a way to install on the gear the apps made by tasker to control the phone.

I'm interested in installing them on the gear so that I can open them with the gear's S Voice.

I think it'd be cool to be able to control the phone with the watch through voice commands.
30th September 2014, 08:07 AM   |  #74  
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Originally Posted by Medox2

The thread from @zzEvilGeniuszz could help: Samsung Gear 2 (Stock) Fully Working With Non-Galaxy. He said it's working for him. Never bothered with S-Voice too much as I don't want voice automation and it does not work on my gear but it seems to be possible. The other big thread about getting the gear 2 to work with non-galaxy also had some posts about s-voice working.

Brilliant! Thanks

Just wondered while going to work this morning if tasker could also remove the notifications, because Ns Auto Clear is not even rendered correctly on my phone.

I will correct the tutorials because it is much easier like this.

I do the same thing. But i wait for about 5-8 seconds before canceling. Just enough for the watch to wake up buzz and display the message.

---------- Post added at 09:07 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:04 AM ----------

Originally Posted by blahblahblaster

You need to downgrade gear manager. I'm on the older one and it works as intended. I used the new one at first and it's just as you said. I think the push bullet work around should be fine.

Yes, i already did this. It's was working fine directly.
Pushbullet is not fine, because there could be a long delay in there.
13th October 2014, 04:09 PM   |  #75  
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Originally Posted by leojab

Drop all this.. Use wearable widgets app found in samsung store to use tasker

Thanks! Works great on my Gear 1!
24th October 2014, 08:17 PM   |  #76  
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I've made many little apps using launchgear and have modified and updated them.
But now i get no icons with my notifications.

The icons are showing on the phone and on the launchgear screen on my gear 2 neo.
But when a notification pops up on the watch I just get the title and text.

Anyone know what I might have done wrong or where to start looking?

25th October 2014, 07:41 AM   |  #77  
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Well i dropped this all and got me a Pebble. Now the integration is 100% and i can do everything i want. It took me 1 week of programming and i can do 1000 thing more as with the gear.
Thanks to AutoPebble and Pebble Canvas.
25th October 2014, 04:28 PM   |  #78  
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Using wearable widgets clock app, u can mirror tasker task widgets and fire them from ur gear. Just an fyi.

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1st December 2014, 02:22 AM   |  #79  
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Originally Posted by Medox2

Gear 2 and Tasker

After a lot of troubleshooting, a rom reinstallation and a couple of workarounds, I can now finally start Tasker tasks, from my Gear 2 Neo, on my Galaxy S3, which in turn can control almost anything on the phone itself, my laptops or other devices! Before this, I was only able to send notifications from Tasker to the Gear 2, which is also cool but controlling your smartphone with your smartwatch gives you endless possibilities!

Back to the tutorial. There are two ways to get this working:

  1. On Samsung devices with a stock rom (currently 17 devices)

    Samsung Galaxy S5
    Galaxy Grand 2
    Galaxy Note 3
    Galaxy Note 3 Neo
    Galaxy Note 2
    Galaxy S4
    Galaxy S3
    Galaxy S4 Zoom
    Galaxy S4 Active
    Galaxy S4 mini
    Galaxy Mega 6.3
    Galaxy Mega 5.8
    Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition)
    Galaxy NotePRO (12.2)
    Galaxy TabPRO (12.2/10.1/8.4)

  2. On Non-Samsung devices OR Samsung devices with a custom rom
    Follow @CarbonWyre's guide first, to get your Android phone to work with the Gear 2.
    WARNING: I’m not responsible if you brick your phone! Read the guide carefully!
Regarding point 1: I can’t really help with this, as I have a Galaxy S3 with a custom rom installed (SlimROM 4.4.4) and I had to follow @CarbonWyre's guide for it, but it should work out of the box and even easier. Just make sure you have Gear Manager installed from the Samsung app store and then go to the steps further below.

Regarding point 2: after following @CarbonWyre's guide and connecting your Gear 2 to the phone, you also need to be able to receive notifications and also install apps from the GALAXY Apps store correctly, not only the stand-alone apps but also those that install on the phone too! This usually gave the “Installation Failed. Try Later.(0)“ error, until yesterday, but thanks to a discovery from @drakenjin, and my install tips from the same thread, you should be able to fix these errors.

If everything goes well, you should be able to install anything from Samsung’s app store, to the Gear 2 and phone, especially the free launcher that we need for everything to work.

Now to the actual “hack”: Tasker + App Factory Plugin + LaunchGear!

Assuming you went through either 1. or 2. successfully and you have installed GALAXY Apps, Gear Manager and connected to your Gear 2, follow the next steps:
  1. Install Tasker from the Play Store, if you don’t have it already
    (it’s not free but it’s worth every penny)
  2. Install Tasker App Factory from the Play Store
    (a free Tasker plugin to create separate apps that link to it)
  3. Gear Manager -> Samsung Apps -> Search and install LaunchGear
    (this one is free, thanks to Heedeok Lee)

Tasker App Factory is the actual workaround here, as LaunchGear supports only apps but not shortcuts to Tasker tasks (for now). With the App Factory you can export tasks from Tasker as separate applications which LaunchGear can then execute. (see example below)

Until I’ve reinstalled SlimROM, I always had problems with App Factory apps force-closing on me (“Unfortunately, … has stopped.“) but now with Tasker v4.4 (final) and the latest App Factory, it finally works perfectly! Not sure what got fixed for that, the rom or the apps.

Example: Gear 2 -> Phone -> and back to Gear 2 again, with a notification!
  1. Open Tasker -> Tasks
  2. Create a new task and name it whatever you want, e.g. “Phone Battery Level”
  3. Add a new sub-task with + -> Select Alert -> Notify
    Title: Phone battery level: %BATT%
  4. Optional: add an icon for the phone notification (it will display only on the phone)
  5. Go back to your task “Phone Battery Level”, you should see “1. Notify” with the title below it.
  6. Add a new sub-task with + -> Select Alert -> Notify Cancel
    This will clear the notification on the phone automatically after it appears. Useful in this case.
    (don't change anything unless you really want to. just go back and do some tests using the play button on the bottom left)
  7. Add an application icon (important!) using the button on the bottom right.
    (this it the icon that will display on the gear, not the one from step 4.)
  8. Go back to the main page of Tasker and press and hold “Phone Battery Level”
  9. Press the button on the top right -> Export -> As app.
  10. Wait for it to finish -> press the robot on the bottom right of the popup and install.
    (test it by running “Phone Battery Level”. You should get the notification only on the phone)
  11. Gear Manager -> Notifications -> check “Phone Battery Level”.
    (if you don’t see the application list at the bottom, follow the steps from Turning On Notifications)
  12. (on the phone) Run LaunchGear, which should be installed through GALAXY Apps.
  13. In LaunchGear, press + and add your “Phone Battery Level” app and confirm.
  14. Run LaunchGear and then the app, to see your phone’s battery level on your watch!
    (if your LaunchGear is black, close all recent apps on the Gear. I have it set on double-pressing the Gear main button. Hopefully Heedeok Lee will fix this issue)

And these are pretty much the basics . Not to mention what other complex apps could be created! Have fun and thanks go to @CarbonWyre, @drakenjin, Heedeok Lee and other users from the guide mentioned above.

Source: my blog post

  • OBSOLETE (use step 6 instead): Use Ns Auto Clear if you have tasker apps that create notifications which are useless on the phone but are useful on the gear! e.g. The "Phone Battery Level" app, from my example above, will generate notifications which are rather useless on the phone and should be automatically cleared. Ns Auto Clear does not disable them completely (like this the gear wouldn't receive them at all) but clears notifications from specified apps right after you get them on the phone.
  • When you want icons that are not built into tasker, just install an application with the desired icon from the Play store. Then select that application's icon at step 8. in the above example and export the app. After you installed the tasker app with the desired icon, you can uninstall the application from which you've "stolen" the icon

22.07.2014: Added a new tutorial for Media volume control with Tasker & Gear 2
23.07.2014: Replaced Ns Auto Clear with a way to remove notifications with Tasker. See step 6. Thanks @stanguay.

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9th March 2015, 11:35 PM   |  #80  
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I had this same issue of not finding Gear manager in the Samsung store. I contacted Samsung support and had a video chat with them. I allowed them remote access onto my Galaxy and they were able to install it from their end.

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