Info 2 [REVIEW] Inateck BP-1001 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The BP-1001 by Inateck is a great budget speaker that doesn't feel or function like a budget speaker. The materials used are quality plastics and the unit is lightweight but with just enough weight to feel substantial.
The sound quality is really great, especially for a device of this size and price. The volume gets loud enough to be "too loud".

In The Box

The only problem I have with this product is the Owner's Manual. Given the quality of the device I expected better quality from the manual. As you'll hear in the video, the manual was clearly not written by someone who speaks English natively, nor proofread by one. Worse things could happen than a little ambiguity in a manual for a product as intuitive as this. Because it looks to pair with previously paired devices AND looks for new devices when powered on, setup is a snap.

The Manual

The small hole to the left of the charging port is the LED indicator. It is small and unobtrusive though it is a little tricky to see while charging.
The Back
The Front
Overall this is a fantastic little speaker that looks nice on a desk and provides a crisp, clear sound.

I got mine from Amazon