Default Miracast disconnects when I change hdmi port (netgearptv3000) and Android

Hi guys

I have a miracast Netgear ptv300 I have tried asking on the manufacturers website but it doesn't fix the issue

For example I have the miracast connected to one of my hdmi ports

But if I want to change to my digital box e.g UK cable to watch TV and then go back to the miracast it's disconnected

Is there way it can remain on?? I have to keep reconnecting

And also before the hdmi will find the netgear device I have to press the little button on the miracast device and then it activates it

That's not a big issue but the issue of changing hdmi ports and then going back to the hdmi miracast port is annoying as I have to keep connecting

Is there a fix to this

Currently using a Asus tf701 to mirror


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