Default [Q] Newsmy car pad quad core dt3256s faulty ANDROID BOX

I was given a car stereo for a present . best present ever .
Its a duel operating system android wince

It was all working correctly for about a month then the android part became faulty.

it comes up with a error message .

bonovoHandle has stopped . when this comes up after booting the screen dulls
you can press ok but then it does the same thing.

I have had many attempts in contacting Newsmy but not one single reply. the ebay shop it was purchased from has closed down .

the windows part works well just the android is dead. I think if I was able to get firmware for it I could fix it but cant find that anywhere .

I really appreciate any help . links or advice . This website has been a big help amongst my friends but this android stereo has us all beat. Until it died this stereo was the best thing since sliced bread. Big thankyou for any help
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