Default [Q] alcatel one touch fierce carrier issues

hi all new here. I have a issue. I like my alcatel one touch fierce. got it through metropcs after dumping sprint and their crappy signal. anyways worked great for a couple months ,makes calls over wifi and connects to att for roaming which was almost always because tmobile and metro signal sucks to. but between att and wifi I was happy. then for about a week it would not connect to att. so I went to the store and complained and they said it was an att problem should work anytime. and a couple days later it did lasted for about a month then it wont connect to att again says something about cant connect to network at this time. so I went to store and they told me att is no longer allowing metro on their towers. so while contemplating my next move im in a different town and low and behold I have att connection and phone works fine. im in a different city right now connected to att and it works fine. so I say screw metro ill just go to straight talk att. so their web site says I can bring my own phone. so I get a sim card get the phone unlocked go to their web site to activate and now I get that the metro version of the alcatel one touch fierce doesn't work with straight what r my options? so is there a way to make it work with straight talk ,sell it and get a tmobil version or call metro out on the bs they told me. thanks brian