Question [Q] Android APK: Link ResourceID <-> resources.arsc

Maybe this has been answered before, but I searched for answers everywhere and did not find anything...

I want to extract the name of an application from the APK file.
I have the AndroidManifest.xml and I can decode it.
For the application label I get "ResourceID 0x7f04004a".
In the resources.arsc I find the correct text of the label (verified witk aapt d badging xxx.apk), but the label is the 213th entry, not the 74th (0x4a) one.
I assume that the TypeID (0x04) has an impact, but I just can not figure out how I can get from TypeID 0x04, Index 0x4a to the 213th entry of the arsc file...

I am clearly missing some information here...

Does anybody know the answer to my problem?

Many thanks in advance!