Question [Q] [Discussion] Would you switch to Apple with an H-battery?

Okay, so a few years ago (2011) Apple put in a patent for using hydrogen fuel cells as a portable power source. To my knowledge this was just a patent on an idea however, if they are able to get this working they are claiming weeks of battery life. It has been almost 3 years so I believe it is safe to assume they A) have this tech and are working on manufacturing or B) are still working on the kinks to this tech (Like how it would be refilled etc)

I think I would make the jump for something like astounding battery life. I would also assume they would not sell their hydrogen cell idea to competitors due to their slow decline in the mobile market (yes, I know they are still doing well that isn't the point).

So, would you switch to Apple (assuming you're Android or Windows at the moment) if they were able to guarantee weeks of use?