Default Equalizer apps not working

-The current stock equalizer only offers options for Bass & Treble and "Lound" (Loud?.. it adds loudness). When volume is up it sounds like portion of sounds is missing (quite midrange effect)
-Currently I am not able to use any equalizer app except the one that comes stock with the ROM
-When installing equalizers, some fail to open and are forced to close; others install but simply do nothing when changing the settings

Disabled stock EQ app in settings and cleared data/cache - Alternate equalizer apps still did not work
Disabled stock music player app in setting and cleared data/cache - Alternate equalizer apps still did not work
Looked for 'Settings>Sound>Music Effects' option to switch to new equalizer being used - 'Music Effects' option does not exist for this build
Attempted using music player apps with equalizers built into them - equalizer option in app doesn't show - other apps like this just don't start (they are forced to close when starting)

-Model: SNT-210
-System Version: 4.4.2-20140516-sntb-HOMEMADE
-Kernel Version: 3.0.101-gdaab9de-dirty
QDroid@DevServer #46
-Build Number: omni_sntb-eng 4.4.2 KOT49H eng.QDroid.20140516.133512 test-keys
-Basband Version: Unknown

Does anyone have any suggestions to resolve the issue? If they would have included a good stock EQ it would be nice..
If anyone knows where I can find good custom rom(s) for this device that may also be helpful.

UPDATE - I got Poweramp working on there, equalizer and all! It doesn't sound the best, would be better if I had more options but gonna try to make due with this.